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Laura | Editor of GYO Magazine
Laura Editor of GYO Magazine

A must for beginner and seasoned gardeners alike...

"Our 'Grow with Us' email newsletter brings you all the advice, ideas and reminders you need to get the very best out of your vegetable garden every month. Each one includes handy to-dos, checklists and step-by-step jobs to tick off, from 30-minute and hour-long tasks to bigger projects if you've got all weekend to get stuck in. It's a must for beginner and seasoned gardeners alike – the ultimate helping hand when growing your own!"

Each month, you'll get jobs to do in...

30 Mins

Not got long to spend in your garden this month? We'll show you some super quick jobs to squeeze in.

One hour

You can do lots in an hour, and each month we'll reveal the best jobs to get cracking with for a healthy veg patch.

Over the weekend

If you've got a whole weekend to dedicate to the garden - lucky you! We'll share our top tips on what to do outside each month.

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