Terms and conditions apply to subscribers of Artichoke Media Limited

1. User terms

Please be advised that by subscribing to a An Artichoke Media Limited publication you are agreeing to be bound by the following Terms & Conditions. Any breach of these Terms & Conditions may result in the immediate suspension of your account without refund of any remaining liability. Purchases made through sources that are not Artichoke Media Limited (“Merchants”) will be subject to that Merchant’s Terms & Conditions and that Merchant will be responsible for the fulfilment of the subscription purchased. Any disputes or questions relating to the subscription purchased shall be directed to the Merchant in question and you acknowledge that Artichoke Media Limited shall have no responsibility, obligations or liability in relation to this subscription.

2. Licence to use material

By taking out an Artichoke Media Limited Subscription you are entitled to access, download and transmit (for the purposes expressly permitted in these User Terms) and store the Artichoke Media Limited Material for your own personal, non-commercial use provided that you do not:
Remove any notices relating to the ownership of copyright or other Intellectual Property Rights in the Artichoke Media Limited Material; Modify, translate, reverse engineer, reproduce, decompile, disassemble (except as expressly permitted by law) or create derivative works of any of the Artichoke Media Limited Material; Rent, lease, sub-licence, loan, copy or give or transfer any rights in the Artichoke Media Limited Material in any form, to any person or entity without the prior written consent of Artichoke Media Limited.

3. Subscriptions contract & fulfilment

Your subscription contract is taken out with Artichoke Media Limited whose registered office is Artichoke Media Limited, Jubilee House, 92 Lincoln Road, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom, PE1 2SN; however, subscriptions may be fulfilled by a third-party Subscription Bureau. Any subscription queries or complaints should be raised through the Subscription Bureau.

Our current third-party Subscription Bureau’s contact details are:

Grow Your Own Subscriptions
Intermedia Brand Marketing Ltd
Unit 6, The Enterprise Centre
Kelvin Lane Crawley,
West Sussex
RH10 9PE

Customer Contact Centre

Tel: 01293 312253
Lines are open Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm GMT
Email: growyourown@subscriptionhelpline.co.uk

4. Artichoke Media Limited’s responsibilities

Artichoke Media Limited will take reasonable precaution to secure all user data collected by their community websites. All subscriptions data is securely held by Subscriptions Bureau Intermedia Brand Marketing Ltd.
Artichoke Media Limited provides no representation or warranty that the community websites or service offered via these websites will be accessible, or usable by you or error free. Artichoke Media Limited reserves the right, without notice to you, to remove any Artichoke Media Limited material from the community websites or to suspend or alter the operation of the websites or any website service.

5. Your responsibilities

You agree that you are responsible for the security and use of any usernames or passwords needed to access or use the community website or your digital editions. You must take all reasonable steps to ensure that these usernames and passwords are kept confidential and secure, and you do not allow any unauthorised person to access the community website or any digital editions using your username or password. Any subscriber found to be sharing their username and password will be subject to immediate suspension of their account without refund of any remaining liability.

6. Consent to use your personal information

For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998, you acknowledge that in the course of purchasing your subscription and registering on the community website(s), certain personal information or data about you will be captured electronically or otherwise and transmitted to Artichoke Media Limited and/or Artichoke Media Limited Contractors. By accepting these User Terms, you expressly agree to transfer such personal information or data to Artichoke Media Limited or Artichoke Media Limited Contractors to use, store and process the personal information for the purposes of providing the services offered on this website, or any other connected Artichoke Media Limited websites.

For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998, you further agree that Artichoke Media Limited or Artichoke Media Limited Contractors involved in the provision of the services may send your personal data outside of the European Economic Area for processing.
For more information about the purposes for which Artichoke Media Limited may use your personal information, please read Artichoke Media Limited’s Privacy Policy displayed on this website.

7. Use of personal information

(i) We use the personal and transactional information (e.g. name, address, e-mail address, credit card details) (“Personal Information”) you supply to us in order to fulfil your subscription order. We will contact you using the data you provide with information regarding your subscription contract with us.

(ii) On the online order form we will ask you about receiving details of our products and services and/or those of third parties which may be of interest to you. You should tick the relevant boxes to indicate whether or not you wish to receive such information.

8. Unauthorised access to personal information

Unless a member of our staff has been fraudulent or negligent, we will not be liable to you for any losses you may suffer as a result of unauthorised access by a third party to the information (including in particular credit/debit card details) you transmit when you place an order. It is your responsibility to ensure the security of your own credit/debit card details to avoid unauthorised use.

9. Contract formation

When you click “Submit Order” to submit your order online, post or telephone us with details of your order, you are putting forward an offer to take out a subscription which if accepted by us, will result in a binding contract. If placing your order online your credit/debit card will be debited when you click “Submit Order”. Although you will either see a page or receive an email if you have supplied your email address acknowledging that your order has been received successfully and is being processed, the contract between yourself and Artichoke Media Limited is not formed at this point. A legally binding contract is formed on the date we send you written confirmation of your order. You will receive this written confirmation within 14 days of submitting your order in the form of an acknowledgement email or letter. We will not be responsible if you fail to receive the written confirmation because you have supplied us with an incorrect email address or postal address. We reserve the right not to accept or process your order for any reason. All orders are subject to validation checks and authorisation by your payment card issuer. If we do not accept your order and your credit/debit card has already been debited, we will notify you and provide a full refund.

10. Right to refuse orders

We reserve the right not to fulfil and to cancel orders:
In the event of obvious inaccuracies in prices, except that we may fulfil your order at the correct price; if we are unable to obtain payment authorisation from the issuer of your payment card.

11. Price information

Prices displayed on the subscriptions section of the website will prevail at all times in relation to orders placed online. Prices quoted on screen include delivery charges and taxes (where applicable).
You can either make a one-off payment for a subscription of a fixed term or make ongoing direct debit or continuous credit card payments for any other subscription term (subject to availability).
If you make ongoing payments, we reserve the right to increase our prices at any time and will notify you in writing with 10 days’ notice of any such price increase. Although we try to ensure that all prices are accurate, errors may occur. If we discover an error in the price of your order, we will inform you as soon as possible. You will have the option of reconfirming your order at the correct price or cancelling it. If we are unable to contact you, we will treat the order as cancelled. We will refund you in full if you cancel the order on the basis of the price and have already paid.

12. Subscription rates in $ and €

Any prices quoted in $ or € are an approximate figure. All credit cards will be debited in Pounds Sterling by your bank or building society on behalf of Artichoke Media Limited, converted at the current exchange rate. This will appear on your bank statement as Intermediabrand.

Your bank or building society may apply a different exchange rate to that applied by Artichoke Media Limited to convert the Pounds Sterling amount to your local currency and/or charge an additional fee for the transaction. If you have any queries about the prices charged by Artichoke Media Limited in connection with this subscription promotion, kindly contact growyourown@subscriptionhelpline.co.uk.

13. Payment methods

Artichoke Media Limited may take payment for Subscriptions by all major credit and debit cards, cheque, Direct Debit (UK only) and Continuous Credit Cards (non-UK only). If you are under 18 or are not using your own credit/debit card to pay for the subscription, you must ask the permission of the credit/debit card holder before entering the payment details. By clicking “Submit” you are confirming that you have obtained the express prior permission of the credit/debit card holder.

Credit/Debit card: will be subject to the terms outlined in point 10. Confirmation of your subscription will be sent to confirm the amount charged, the start issue and the end issues of your subscription.

Cheques: will be processed on receipt and the order will be completed on receipt of these funds. Confirmation of your subscription will be sent to confirm the amount charged, the start issue and the end issues of your subscription.

Direct Debit: we will write to confirm the terms of your Direct Debit, advising of the Direct Debit amount, and when these payments will be taken. Once you have received this confirmation you will not receive further correspondence on this unless your Direct Debit date or value changes. If you wish to cancel your Direct Debit, please write to the Subscription Bureau (details under 3. Subscriptions contract & fulfilment), stating the magazine to which you subscribe, and your full details including a phone number.

Continuous Credit Cards: By selecting this payment option you are agreeing for Artichoke Media Limited to charge your credit card on a specified basis. We will write to confirm when your future payments are due. Once you have received this confirmation you will not receive further correspondence on this unless your Continuous Credit Card date or value changes. Please write to the Subscription Bureau (details under 3. Subscriptions contract & fulfilment) if you wish to cancel your Continuous Credit Card payments.

14. Delivery

Artichoke Media Limited uses third party delivery services to send you your magazine and (where appropriate) gift. Due to the nature of these services, we will not be held accountable for any delays caused once your magazine or gift has left our depots.
Magazines: We will deliver the magazines to the address that you provide when you place your order (either your own address or that of a gift recipient). Subscriptions will start with the next available issue, please continue to buy your magazine until you receive your acknowledgement letter.
You agree that we will not be responsible for failure to deliver the magazines if you have supplied us with an incorrect address. We reserve the right to dispose of incorrectly addressed envelopes and their contents without an obligation to refund you or any other person if they are returned to us and despite efforts to contact you, we do not receive correct address details. Any magazines returned to us due to incorrect address will result in suspension of your account.
We will not be liable to you for any delay in delivery or non-delivery of magazines in the following circumstances:
Where the issuer of your payment card refuses to authorise payment to us;
Where such delay or failure is due to circumstances beyond our control or the control of our sub–contractors and agents, including but not restricted to war, electricity power failure, utilities failure, failure of telecommunications links, failure of transport infrastructure, fire, flood, government act, act of God, legislative constraints, strikes, labour disputes or malicious damage involving employees.
Gifts: Should your subscription offer include a gift, please allow up to 28 days after the offer closure date for delivery of your gift. Gifts are subject to availability and strictly limited on a first come first serve basis. We reserve the right to substitute the gift with items of a similar retail value. These gifts will not be available on overseas subscriptions or despatched, to overseas addresses unless otherwise stated.

15. Gift subscriptions

Once you have placed your gift order, you’ll receive an acknowledgement within 14 days.
Please allow up to eight weeks for delivery of the first subscription issue for both UK and Overseas orders.

16. Covermounts

If any of our magazines are put on sale in the UK containing a covermount gift or a supplement, you are not guaranteed to receive these covermounts or supplements. Magazines delivered to overseas addresses may not contain covermount gifts or supplements.

17. The online archive

Digital Subscribers are currently entitled to access an Online Archive of their magazine in addition to their downloadable subscription issues. The archive is only available in ‘rental’ format via the magazine community website. The archive can only be viewed whilst connected to the internet, and once your subscription ends you will lose access to this archive. Artichoke Media Limited reserves the right to withdraw this archive without notice.

18. Digital subscriptions

When purchasing an Artichoke Media Limited Digital Subscription you must follow the simple instructions directions given on your acknowledgement letter in order to activate your subscription. This letter will direct you to a webpage which will contain the most current instructions for accessing your subscription. Artichoke Media Limited will endeavour to ensure that these instructions are accurate, however will not be held accountable for errors that may occur due to app software development or human error. Should you find that the instructions provided do not enable you to access your digital downloads, please email growyourown@subscriptionhelpline.co.uk.
Please note, when purchasing a Print + Digital ‘Bundle’ subscription as a gift, the recipient will receive both the Print copy and Digital copy. It is not possible to split each between the recipient and benefactor.
Artichoke Media Limited digital downloads are currently compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android and Kindle devices. Online Archive uses Flash Player, which is not supported on Kindles. Issues can also be downloaded to an Offline Reader on PC computers. You cannot download these issues to PDF to store or reproduce on your computer and any effort to do so will be classified as an infringement on copyright.
Apple computer users may use the Silverlight online reader plug in, or can read issues via the Online Archive. If you do not have one of the devices mentioned above, please ensure that your computer or mobile device is compatible before purchasing the Digital Package by emailing help@pocketmags.com. A £5 administration charge will be made for any refunds requested due to a subscription being purchased for an incompatible device. Further to point 1 of these terms and conditions, any digital subscription taken out with Merchants other than Artichoke Media Limited will be subject to that Merchant’s terms and conditions.

19. Subscription term

If the magazine ordered changes frequency per annum, we will honour the number of issues paid for, not the term of the subscription.

20. Cancellations and refunds

An initial 12-month non-refundable contract applies. Should you wish to cancel after the minimum term, please contact our customer care team in writing (see contact details below).
Refund requests must be in writing to the Subscriptions Bureau (details under 3. Subscriptions contract & fulfilment) and will not be given on accounts with less than £20 credit unless in the case of a magazine closure. If emailing your cancellation, please note that your cancellation will not be considered complete until you receive confirmation of receipt (this should usually be within 2 working days).
A £5 admin charge will apply and will be deducted from any refund unless the refund is due to a magazine closure or Subscription Bureau/Publisher error. Such instances will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and refunds will only be given at the Publisher’s sole discretion. If you are entitled to a refund then we will refund you the cost of the issues not yet issued to you at the time you notify us of your wish to cancel.
Please note that all refunds are issued by cheque unless otherwise agreed with the Publisher. Refunds will be issued in sterling. If you have any queries about refunds kindly contact growyourown@subscriptionhelpline.co.uk.

21. Liability and returns

Our liability to you in the event of magazines being lost in the post will be limited either to replacement of the missing issues or extension of your current subscription by the number of missing issues. To the extent permitted by law we exclude all other liability to you. These Terms and Conditions do not and shall not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.
In the case of an incorrect or damaged magazine being delivered, Artichoke Media Limited do not require return of this item, but must be provided with photographic evidence of the error; on receipt of this evidence we will despatch a replacement copy where possible. In the instance that Artichoke Media Limited cannot supply a replacement issue due to exhausted stock you may request an alternative issue of the same magazine, or request for your subscription to be extended by one issue.

22. Governing law and jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions are governed by English law. You hereby irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts notwithstanding the jurisdiction where you are based.

23. Entire agreement

These Terms and Conditions override any contrary terms or conditions published by us in relation to any order placed by you with us. These Terms and Conditions also supersede any advice given by an employee of the Subscription Fulfilment Bureau or the Publisher.

24. Queries

If you have any queries or comments about your subscription please contact our Subscription Bureau customer care team:
Telephone: +44 (0) 1293 312253
Lines are open Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm GMT
Email: growyourown@subscriptionhelpline.co.uk

Any complaint escalations should be sent to:
Grow Your Own
Unit 2/4 Global House

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